Mr Mushtaq’s testimonials

  • I’d suffered for many years with pain down my left leg and when sitting in different chairs had a severe episode of numbness in lower legs, well before that and pins and needles at times. Very debilitating.

    I choses to have surgery with Mr. Mushtaq as it was seriously affecting my ability to walk far, enjoy my line dancing and social events. I also had to give up my volunteering at an exercise class for the elderly (who fall).

    My operation was on the 4th August and I could’t be more thrilled with the results. Six weeks on and the wound has healed perfectly. All original pain was gone straight away. Of course it was sore and some strange twitches and cramps as nerves revitalised themselves, but oh so worth it!

    I’ve been doing exercises as instructed and been very careful and it’s 100% better already.

    Enormous thanks to Mr Mushtaq and his team and to all nursing staff and physio’s involved in my care.

    Delia Thompson

  • Have had sciatic pain in legs for about 10-12 years on and off. Pain became worse in the last year, with no real respite. Pain was worse when standing, but became bad when sitting.Tried many painkillers in the last year, with no effect. Having had the option of surgery explained by Mr. Mushtaq, together with the possible side effects and success percentage of such an operation, decided to go ahead as this was the only way to get a permanent cure to the leg pain.

    Operation procedure went extremely smoothly. Admitted at noon and went home at noon the next day. Was up and walking immediately. Pain from the operation was not too bad and easily manageable. `took pain killers for about 4-5 days after the operation, then none.

    Recovery went well over the 4-6 weeks after operation, with wound healing well. Was walking 3-4 miles within 3 weeks. Would recommend this procedure to anyone with similar symptoms.

    Stewart Smith

  • Before I had surgery I was in great pain with my spine. I was doubtful about the surgery, but decided that having the surgery done was the last thing to do. After surgery the relief of pain was immediate with no pain at all. I can only thank Mr Mushtaq very much for doing an excellent job for me.

    Peter Gray
    Leighton Buzzard

  • I would like to tell you the operation I had was very successful. My legs are working very much better. I am walking with no aid in the house. I can now go up the stairs and outside in the garden. i can walk with out the stick for about 20 meters. I am glade I had the operation, otherwise I would be paralysed in both legs. Thank you for giving me back my legs.I am grateful for all you have done.

    J Hajagos

  • I had “tingling” down my right leg which over a fairly short time became quite painful. I “coped” by taking painkillers now and again but felt I should get advice when the pain started waking me up and it hurt when I was driving.

    My doctor referred me to Mr. Mushtaq and he recommended surgery. I was apprehensive as everyone is concerned about spine surgery. He very clearly explained the procedure with its risks and benefits and reassured me it was not complicated and it would work.

    The op was a huge success and from day one I knew it had been successful. All the leg pain had gone in a matter of a couple of weeks and the wound has healed nicely.

    I am so thrilled with the outcome and feel fantastic. Thank you to everyone involved in the procedure I feel fitter than I have done for many years

    Jane Archer

  • I had injection in my spine for the bad back pain that I have been suffering for months. I would like to say the pain has now reduced greatly. There is some back pain but nothing like the pain I had before the injection.

    I found that Mr. Mushtaq and his team to be very professional and from start to finish I was treated with the most kindness and sympathy. I was told that I may feel some discomfort during the procedure but I found the whole process completely painless.

    Once again I would like to thank you for restoring my life back

    Colin Hewlett

  • I am very pleased with the treatment and surgery, which took place at Pinehill. Mr. Mushtaq explained everything about the procedure in very simple way and few hours after surgery I was back on my feet. I went home after overnight stay and everything went smoothly as it was explained to me before surgery. Three weeks following surgery I was back to full fitness and work.

    The staff at the hospital was always very nice and helpful. At the end the most important thing is that my pain is gone. I cannot thank enough Mr. Mushtaq and his team to get me back to full fitness.

    Konrad Plebanek

  • After having lower back pain for 19 years. I finally had consultation with Mr. Mushtaq who advised steroid injection to ease chronic pain as a result of wear and tear in the whole of my lower back.

    Following these injections I immediately felt relief and was offered physiotherapy. I was able to do most of the exercises, which was not a possibility prior to the injections.

    I would encourage anyone else with similar problems to consider strongly having these injections.

    Christine Cairncross

  • Mr. Mushtaq performed my surgery in May 2016, since then I have stopped taking all my pain medication and have started swimming, pilates and yoga. I am very happy with the results of my operation.

    Margaret Turner
    Bury St Edmunds
  • I have just had my follow up with Mr. Mushtaq following my spinal operation. I am very happy with the treatment I have had. From start to finish first class and very please with the outcome of my operation.

    David Seaton
  • The care under Mr. Mushtaq and his team was excellent and made me feel at ease. The care at Lister Hospital was great. My surgery and recovery was excellent

    Christine Holland
  • I would like to express my gratitude for the hip replacement, which you performed to get rid of the pain and give me the ability to walk normally. Thank you very much!

    Joan Lee
  • I am very pleased with the operation and the way Mr. Mushtaq has explained my condition, investigated and treated. My symptoms have completely resolved and I am able to return to work pain free!

    Timothy Fryatt
  • We have had no problems, everybody has been polite and pleasant. Mr. Mushtaq performed surgery on my lower back. Surgery went well and has resolved all my problem. Overall it has been as pleasant as it could be.

    Adrian Bussey
    Hemel Hempstead
  • Mr. Mushtaq performed my spinal operation at Spire Hospital. I can’t thank enough Mr. Mushtaq and all the staff at the Spire for kindness and professionalism that they showed during my stay. All the leg pains that I had for years has disappeared.

    Vivienne Taylor
  • Treatment and patient pathway has been of highest quality. Mr. Mushtaq and supporting clinical team and admin team have been most helpful. My consultation, investigations and surgery went as planed. I am please with the result of my operation and would highly recommend consultation with Mr. Mushtaq.

    Mark Hillhouse
  • Having had a chronic back pain for many years I had given up hope of getting any relief. Finally, I was referred to Mr. Mushtaq who specialises in complex spinal surgery. He arranged for me to have major spinal fusion, which was extremely successful.

    Previously I had been taking lots of painkillers (opiates) every night every 1.5-2 hour. The operation and my recovery was fantastic. I was discharged within 24 hours of operation and felt no pain. Within few days I was walking the dog, something I had not been able to do for years. I cannot fault Mr. Mushtaq and his team and ward staff.

    I am proud to have been Mr. Mushtaq,s first patient in Hertforshire. I wish him well and can’t thank him enough for what he has done for me.

    Penelope Everett
  • I had my very first appointment with Mr. Mushtaq, which I found very helpful and informative about my condition. He explained how an operation would be helpful. He explained everything about the operation, my condition and showed me the MRI scan.

    I had my consultation on 14th November and operation done at Pinehill on 23rd of November, how brilliant is that!

    I cannot fault the care I have had from Mr. Mushtaq. After my operation he saw me each day I was in Pinehill. I am more than pleased with the service that I have been given from Mr. Mushtaq.

    Jane Akers
  • Before operation I had limited movements in right arm. Almost immediately after surgery considerable improvement and within a couple of weeks virtually full movement. However some lack of strength, but happy to build this up.

    After operation for about a week there was some pain in my neck, particularly when lying flat or on side. Now I have no pain at all.

    Mr. Mushtaq had told me my voice might change to something like Barry White but unfortunately this did not happen and I sound just like before!

    Oversell I am really pleased with the outcome. 100% customer satisfaction.

    Gary Lambert
  • I had my spinal decompression on 28-10-16 and immediate relief from aching pain down the side of left leg. Continuing to do exercises. Still get some lower backache but feel since my operation pain and posture has improved significantly.

    I have no regrets about having the operation and feel that my quality of life is greatly improved.

    Joan Allen
  • After suffering from sciatica for about six months (which affected my left calf) I was referred for an MRI scan. I already had physio and acupuncture, which had no effect.

    After MRI scan I was referred for consultation with Mr. Mushtaq. He was very clear and explained in very clear terms what the MRI had shown. Told me what the options were and also possible complications of surgery. I then had the surgery again being fully informed at each step of the way. I was in the hospital over night and the off work 4 weeks with physio exercises to do.

    I have been very happy with the care I have received from the nurses and theatre staff. Mr Mushtaq has been marvellous and my recovery has been pain free and I am back to normal.

    Joyce Presland
  • Prior to operation I was in constant pain with my neck and arm. I had pins and needle with numbness in my fingers. I had loss of grip strength.

    After the operation pain totally alleviated. All strength back. No longer need painkillers. Worries I had about scaring on my neck were unfounded. Scar barely noticeable.

    Would recommend anyone suffering the same condition to have consultation and surgery with Mr. Mushtaq

    Alan Breen
  • After having severe back pain I was finally referred to Mr. Mushtaq. He diagnosed a slipped disc. He recommended surgery as he was confident (80%) that he could give me pain relief.

    Six weeks after surgery I am now pain free. I would recommend this procedure to any one who has the same condition that I had. To be pain free after years is wonderful. My thanks to Mr. Mushtaq and the staff at Pinehill for their care and attention.

    Colin Fletcher
  • Since 2003 I had episodes of sciatica for which I took pain relief tablets and tried several courses of acupuncture, which gave me no relief. In 2004 I had sciatica in both legs and my walking ability deteriorated due to reduced feeling in my feet. In September I had alarming experience of not being able to walk straight and safely nor able to stand any length of time. Apart from visiting Hitchin town centre where there are plenty of seats I have not been able to get out of my room.

    In April 2016 I met with Mr. Mushtaq who outlined the pros and cons of spinal surgery. I felt that the decompression operation was the only way to solve my problem. Following MRI scan I was finally admitted for operation.

    The operation went very well and I returned home after 2 days. There was bruising around my waist are which quickly faded. There were no stitches to be taken out and the nurse at my GP surgery kept an eye on the healing of my wound.

    I ventured out for a short walk with my husband gradually increasing the distance. For the first 6 weeks there was tingling in my feet but this did not impeded my walking. After 4 weeks I was able to dance. At 8 weeks I was able to walk 2 miles, joined in the barn dance and played a round of par 3 golf.

    The scar on my back is only 4cm and barely visible.

    I no longer take painkillers and have been taken off the medication for blood pressure. I am gradually returning to my preferred weight as I am more active and can exercise. In the New Year I am to walk 4 miles and will be joining family on a skiing trip in February. I am able to do my gardening.

    It was a long wait to get to this new lease of active life and will always grateful to Mr. Mushtaq for giving me this great opportunity to enjoy my favourite activities once again.

    Sheila Daw
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